Wood Destroying Insects
For most of us, our homes or businesses are the largest investment we make in our lives. We protect our properties against fires, storms, and theft with insurance policies. Sadly many forget the risk that a small insect can create in jeopardizing that large investment. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to buildings in the United States every year, even more damage than storms and fire combined. They do their dirty work usually hidden behind walls. Many times, only when they swarm or cause visible evidence of damage do homeowners even know they are present. Termites have only two goals - creating larger, more numerous colonies and consuming wood. And they don't care who owns the wood. In nature, they are beneficial in forested areas but unfortunately they are everywhere. Several colonies probably exist around your home. Type of home construction doesn't deter them. Don't be fooled, they like the paper and cellulose materials in steel framed and brick structures just as well as the wood in traditional wood structures.
We employ the most effective techniques available to help protect your investment. All the termite treatment materials are registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The method we use depends upon the characteristics of your home's environment. Each structure we watch over has different factors such as access (slab vs crawlspace) , wells, water sources, construction material type, active termites, drains, basements, etc. All of these determine what would be the best method of treatment.